UNest: Family Investing Made Easy

UNest: Family Investing Made Easy

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Posted 2023-04-27 by Becfollow
Give your children the best start possible towards financial success, plus receive $50 to get started, thanks to UNest.

Our children are our biggest investments in life. They are the next generation of creatives, leaders and entrepreneurs, so why not give them the very best start financially, starting right now?

UNest is the leading saving and investment app for parents and is making it easy for families to build a nest-egg for their children. Unlike more traditional 529 accounts that can only be used to fund your child’s education, a UNest UTMA tax-advantaged custodial account for minors allows parents to save for any number of events, as long as it benefits their future.

Whether you want to save for their first laptop, senior trip, first car, down payment on a house or even their wedding day, UNest helps parents give their child a financial head start so they can focus on pursuing their dreams.

Download the UNest App here and schedule your first deposit into your children’s future. The cost is just $4.99 per month, with a minimum deposit of $25 per month required. Plus, receive $50 into your child's account with promo code MOMS50, thanks to UNest.

Alongside building your child’s financial future, a UNest UTMA account has tax benefits, with the first $1,100 of gains in the account being tax free. The next $1,100 of the account’s gains are taxed at the child’s rate (usually 10%-12%). Any additional gains beyond the first $2,200 on the account are taxed based on mom and dad’s tax rate.

The team at UNest brings years of financial, technological and entrepreneurial experience to the app and provides parents with a suite of tools to help them reach their goals.

One of these tools is UNest Rewards, which lets you earn rewards into your child’s UNest account and save money by shopping with the brands you love, including Disney+, DoorDash, Nike and HavenLife.

Plus, UNest provides an easy way for family and friends to contribute funds to your child with a shareable link and even automated gifting. It’s a fantastic alternative to toys that clutter the house and end up broken or lost every holiday season and birthday.

You can also rest assured your children’s investments are in good hands. UNest has partnered with the FINRA registered broker-dealer UNest Securities, bringing top-level encryption to your accounts and keeping your money safe.

Download the UNest App here and start investing today. Don't forget to use your promo code MOMS50 for $50 for your child's account.

Why wait to make a difference to your child’s financial future? You can deposit as little as $25 a month and it will all help your children on the path to success in life.

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